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“Halls Of My Heart” Video Released

The video was written, directed and edited by Michael Rolli, a talented young man you’re sure to hear and see more from in the near future. We chose to return to the site of the CD cover photo-shoot for some of the scenes in the video. That site is a walnut grove at the home of my friend Josh Leo who produced the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s version of FISHIN’ IN THE DARK, my first #1 country record.

It’s eerie to see the little boy in the opening scene doing his Elvis impersonation, because I did the same thing when I was his age, but it was well before Elvis’ sequined-jumpsuit era. Like the boy in the video, my only prop was a ukelele because a guitar was too big. The McCartney bass featured in the video belongs to Gary Burr who co-wrote three of the tracks on HALLS OF MY HEART.

The role of my son is played by 4 different actors. The one with the long hair is my actual son, Griffin, who played drums on the album. In the scene where he and I are playing basketball, there’s a shot of the ball going into the net without hitting the backboard, a “swish” shot. The scene is cut to look like Griffin made the shot. In fact, I made that shot: a backwards, overhead hook shot…an extremely unlikely shot for someone with my skill (or lack of). But the camera was on the ball and not on me, so they didn’t catch my once-in-a-lifetime moment.