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For the immediate future

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued support. I’m suspending my solo touring schedule temporarily as I’ve signed on to play bass, acoustic guitar and sing harmony with my old pals The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary. You can check out their schedule at their website:

Hope to see you out there in the great wide open.



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Chicago Oct.24 date streaming info

Jim’s appearance on Folkstage (WMFT Chicago) will be streamed live on Saturday Oct. 24. Folkstage is an uninterrupted, one-hour concert featuring some of the best traditional and singer-songwriter talent in folk music. The live concerts can be are heard Saturday’s at 8 PM on WFMT, immediately preceding The Midnight Special. To listen to the stream go to and press the red Listen Live button in the left-hand column.

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New Live! Dates

New live dates are rolling in for shows in Hillsdale, NY / Deep Gap, NC / Ann Arbor, MI / Lunenburg, MA / Plainfield, VT / Middleborough, MA and Pittsburgh, PA just to mention a few. To check the complete upcoming schedule, go HERE.  Hope to see you out there.

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Big Thanks To Folk DJs

Thanks to all the Folk DJs who helped make the song “Try Me Tomorrow” the #25 most played song, and the CD, “Halls Of My Heart” the #35 most played album of 2014.

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“Halls Of My Heart” Up For Grammy

Halls Of My Heart has been nominated for a Grammy in the Best Folk Album category. In it’s first month at radio, Halls Of My Heart was the #3 album with the #1 song “Try Me Tomorrow”. Subsequent releases all went Top 20, including “Try Me Tomorrow”, “Brothers Medley” and “Halls Of My Heart”. Jim was also named the #4 Most-Played Artist by the Folk DJ Radio Playlist.


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Review: Alan Cackett 10/11/14

Music Row songwriter Jim Photoglo has co-written hits for everyone from Trisha Yearwood to Kenny Rogers to John Anderson to Faith Hill. The one-time member of Run C&W, enjoyed a fairly successful recording career in the early 1980s scoring on the American pop charts and gaining a sizeable following in Japan. That was followed by roadwork with Andy Gibb, Vince Gill and Dan Fogelberg. He’s been based in Nashville for around 25 years. Most of that time he’s been engaged in co-writing, but for his third solo album, the majority of the songs he’s written alone. Like the returning sun after a long, cold winter, HALLS OF MY HEART is a warm album filled with songs about reconciliation and fresh starts.


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Jim At SW Regional Folk Alliance Conference

Jim will be in Austin, TX, September 25-28 for the SOUTHWEST REGIONAL FOLK ALLIANCE CONFERENCE which is held at the Holiday Inn – Midtown, 6000 Middle Fiskville Rd. For more info click here.
Showcase schedule

Friday night:
7:30-10:00 pm
Official Showcase
Holiday Inn Ballroom
11:00-11:20 pm
Texas Sugarbaby
Room #704

Saturday night:
11:30-11:50 pm
Kerrville FFF
Room #821
12:10-12:30 am
North Texas Venues
Room #915

On Sunday, Sept. 28th, he will be in concert at the Austin Songwriter’s Group’s new location:
4606 Burleson Rd.
Austin, TX 78744

Potluck dinner at 4:00 pm
Concert at 6:00 pm
$10 suggested donation
Contact: 512.698.4237

In August, Jim’s latest CD, HALLS OF MY HEART was the #3 album on Folk DJ s Radio Playlist. “Try Me Tomorrow” was the #1 song, while 3 of his others placed in the top 20, and he was the #4 most-played artist.

Jim’s YouTube channel now features videos of live performances in addition to the official video for the HALLS OF MY HEART – check it out here.

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“Halls Of My Heart” Video Released

The video was written, directed and edited by Michael Rolli, a talented young man you’re sure to hear and see more from in the near future. We chose to return to the site of the CD cover photo-shoot for some of the scenes in the video. That site is a walnut grove at the home of my friend Josh Leo who produced the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s version of FISHIN’ IN THE DARK, my first #1 country record.

It’s eerie to see the little boy in the opening scene doing his Elvis impersonation, because I did the same thing when I was his age, but it was well before Elvis’ sequined-jumpsuit era. Like the boy in the video, my only prop was a ukelele because a guitar was too big. The McCartney bass featured in the video belongs to Gary Burr who co-wrote three of the tracks on HALLS OF MY HEART.

The role of my son is played by 4 different actors. The one with the long hair is my actual son, Griffin, who played drums on the album. In the scene where he and I are playing basketball, there’s a shot of the ball going into the net without hitting the backboard, a “swish” shot. The scene is cut to look like Griffin made the shot. In fact, I made that shot: a backwards, overhead hook shot…an extremely unlikely shot for someone with my skill (or lack of). But the camera was on the ball and not on me, so they didn’t catch my once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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Review: Celebrity Cafe 07/31/14

A recording artist and songwriter, Photoglo has made music for four decades. He gained acclaim as a solo artist on the 20th Century Fox label in 1979. Photoglo opened for the BeachBoys on a national tour, and performed regularly atNashville’s Bluebird Café. He also sang back up for Andy Gibb and wrote songs for Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and The Oak Ridge Boys.

Photoglo’s most recent album is astonishingly cohesive. The album features harmonica, guitar and pleasant vocals that make for good, rainy day music. The album gets off to a good start with “Try Me Tomorrow.” It includes lines like “when the sun rises, it’s back to the life that we left.”


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Review: Robert Oermann 08/27/14

JIM PHOTOGLO/Halls of My Heart (Single)
Writers: Jim Photoglo; Producer: Jim Photoglo; Publishers: Griffin Pie/Haber; ASCAP; Grifftone

Photoglo’s songwriting catalog includes such evergreens as “Fishin’ in the Dark” (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), “Hometown Honeymoon” (Alabama) and “Honky Tonk Heart” (Highway 101). This is the title tune of his latest solo CD. It is a heartwarming salute to Elvis, The Beach Boys and The Beatles that wafts with nostalgia and stardust. His evocative, tender, tenor voice sounds younger than yesterday. Recommended without reservation, especially if you’re looking for songs with true class. Also, it is exquisitely produced.

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