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Review: Robert Oermann 08/27/14

JIM PHOTOGLO/Halls of My Heart (Single)
Writers: Jim Photoglo; Producer: Jim Photoglo; Publishers: Griffin Pie/Haber; ASCAP; Grifftone

Photoglo’s songwriting catalog includes such evergreens as “Fishin’ in the Dark” (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), “Hometown Honeymoon” (Alabama) and “Honky Tonk Heart” (Highway 101). This is the title tune of his latest solo CD. It is a heartwarming salute to Elvis, The Beach Boys and The Beatles that wafts with nostalgia and stardust. His evocative, tender, tenor voice sounds younger than yesterday. Recommended without reservation, especially if you’re looking for songs with true class. Also, it is exquisitely produced.